Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Game Theory: 'Lolita Nation' Demos

The Holy Grail.

I saw this tantalisingly listed on a bootleg trading site many years ago and following a lot of undignified pleading, cajoling and tears, I finally located a copy. I say 'I'...it was the lovely Oxy (long time contributor to BPFE) who came up with the goods. He sent it to me just before Multiupload got closed down, so it sat on my hard drive overlooked and unloved for many a month. But now it's time to reveal it to the world in all its Technicolor splendour.

You don't need me to tell you how incredible the original album is. IMHO it's the College Rock 'White Album' - ambitious in scope, polarising opinions and loaded with genius moments and weirdness in equal measure. It's a desert island disc for me and I'm sure many of you.

So what's it like then? I ain't gonna lie kids, it's (expletive deleted) great! Quality is decent (levels can go up and down a bit, but what the hey) and it's thrilling to hear Scott yell instructions to the band while they track the songs. Hearing the tunes in this state makes previously overlooked parts pop out - tambourines jangle out of nowhere, little riffs appear (or disappear) in odd places... My favourite moment comes in the second version of 'the Waist and the Knees' where Gil Ray unleashes a furious, Keith Moonesque drum tattoo. Oh my days.

'We Love You Carol and Alison (Demo)

In a perfect world, Rykodisc would reissue 'Lolita Nation' with this stuff as a bonus disc, with extensive liner notes by Scott Miller, Mitch Easter and anyone else involved. Up until that happens (and judging by some of the comments on the GT/Loud Family Facebook page, don't hold your breath) we'll have to make do with this. And by make do, I mean love and cherish and play greedily.


…and a million bazillion ‘Thank You’s’ to Oxy for coming up with the goods.

PS - Just noticed this T Shirt design! Yaarrrggghhh!

Lolita Nation Demos

01. Little Ivory (demo)
02. Slip (demo)
03.  Nothing New (demo)
04. Look Away (demo)
05.  The Waist And The Knees (demo 1)
06.  The Waist And The Knees (demo 2)
07. Andy In Ten Years (demo)
08.  Not Because You Can (demo)
09. We Love You Carol And Alison (demo)
10. Toby Ornette (demo)

11. The Real Sheila (demo)
12. Dripping With Looks (demo)
13. Mammoth Gardens (demo)
14, One More For Saint Michael (demo)
15. Chardonnay (demo)
16. Last Day That We're Young (demo)
17. The World's Easiest Job (demo)
18. Exactly What We Don't Want To Hear (bonus demo)
19. Where They Have To Let You In (demo)


  1. Yes, I'm sure it's great Rushbo....but...

    "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service."


  2. Blah.

    Try it again - the first time I tried, I got an error message, but I tried again and it downloaded just fine...i've tried it once more and it's worked again. I may change the file name, just in case it has a problem with the word 'Lolita'...

  3. yep this pretty much is the holy grail....much thankings to you finest of sirs

  4. Omg. With all of the weird things I have going on right now (job problems, money problems, health problems, etc.), I cannot tell you how happy I am seeing these GT posts. I may never get to sleep tonight -- Ambien be damned! How did I not know you were here with this stuff?? Thank you, thank you, a million times for these recordings, AND the LN demos! God, what a find!

  5. Yes! It's going now...I had tried it several times before I said anything. Weird, whatever. And how lovely that MF allows parallel DLs. Bless their pointy little hearts.

    And thanks again Rushbo!

  6. Wow Rushbo, holy grail indeed! Can't Wait. Thanks a bunch

  7. Fantastic! Thank you so much.