Monday, 19 December 2011

Game Theory: Stanford University, CA, May 16th 1987

It’s an exciting time to be a Scott Miller fan….over at the LN/GT Facebook page, there are some superb clips of a recent live performance he did to plug the second printing of his excellent book ‘Music: What Happened?’ (Waddaya mean you haven’t got it? Hang your head in shame!) There are even whispers of some more activity…

Please Santa, all I want for Christmas this year (apart from a Fender 1994 Precision Bass special – the ‘Cowpoke’ model, please) is the promise of a new Scott Miller album. He must be poised for a solo record, right?

Anyhoo, this recording comes all the way from 1987 and is a nice, clean soundboard. There are the usual ‘get the right level’ shenanigans during the first track (including a few bars where a rather ‘experimental’ vocal effect was used on Mr Miller’s voice). It’s great…but you knew that, didn’t you?

I can only assume this is another tape from the amazing archives of Robert Toren. So thank you, Robert. If it isn’t – thanks anyway!

Stanford University

Game Theory - Stanford 1987
01 Not Because You Can
02 One More for St Michael
03 Little Ivory
04 We Love You Carol and Alison
05 Here It Is Tomorrow
06 I've Tried Subtlety
07 Dripping With Looks
08 Slip Away
09 Nothing New
10 The Real Sheila
11 Shark Pretty
12 Like a Girl Jesus

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  1. GGGrrrr,every link is down.I was so excited to hear this,what is now going on in the web?Has the band stopped this?Then it's ok for me.Has it
    to do with Kim XXL?Then it's a shame.Live recordings made from fans for fans were always
    something special,nothing to do with moneymaking.I own every vinyl from Game Theory,
    some are in a not-so-good-condition.I will keep them till my end comes!