Saturday, 15 October 2011

Game Theory: Ziggys, Winston Salem 10 12 1985

Here's another superb live recording of everyone's favourite Californian polymath, Scott Miller fronting the 1985 version of Game Theory. This is notable for a number of reasons, featuring as it does a version of 'Gloria' - in honour of the (then) recent weather front which hit the States just before the gig. You also get  'Linus and Lucy', 'Make any vows' and a romp through Roxy Music's 'Remake remodel'. You've gotta have it. Quality is ...pretty decent. It's a soundboard recording, but I don't think it's first gen - maybe third or forth generation, but very listenable. What am I saying - it's goshdarn essential!

More to come Millerfans...

Game Theory: Ziggys, Winston Salem 10 12 1985

01 Gloria
02 Ive tried subtlety
03 Shark Pretty
04 Curse of the frontierland
05 Nevermind
06 Linus and Lucy
07 24 Waltz the halls away
08 Rayon Drive
09 Where you going northern
10 Make any vows
11 Here it is tomorrow
12 Real nighttime
13 Remake remodel

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  1. Opening for Let's Active---there's a SNBD of the L Active set as well that's floating around.