Sunday, 2 October 2011

Game Theory: Berkeley Square, Berkeley CA, Oct 2 1986

Here's the second of my handful of GT live shows. This one is a rather lovely show from Berkley Square in late '86. It's a decent soundboard recording with a killer track listing. 'Kung Fu Fighting' anyone?

This was snatched from Dimeadozen a million years ago and sadly I haven't got the info on who first recorded or upped it, but my heartfelt thanks go to them.

Oh yeah, feel free to crack upen YOUR archives if you've got any interesting GT/LF stuff....

Berkeley Square, Berkeley CA, Oct 2 1986

Carrie Anne
Rayon Drive
Waltz the halls away
Girl with a guitar
Look away
Where you going northern
Shark pretty
I've tried subtlety
Friend of the family
Kung Fu fighting
Curse of the frontierland

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  1. Just got back from being out of town and was hoping to come back to some GT! I'll email you tonight or tomorrow and send you the list. Can't wait to listen to this. Very nice set list. My plentiful thanks, as always. You're the best, Rushbo!