Sunday, 6 February 2011

Alternate Learning: Painted Windows

What were you doing in your teens...well, apart from that? Well Scott Miller was on his second band (after disbanding the beautifully named Lobster Quadrille)...

I was delighted that there was a lot of love for the Loud Family/Game Theory posts earlier this year, so here's one of the rarest Scott Miller artefacts around - 'Painted Windows', the one and only release by Alternate Learning (or ARLN as they're known to the cognoscenti ) Miller is pretty disparaging about the band, considering it to be 'juvenilia', but he has revisted the albums' stand out track 'Beach State Rocking' on a number of occasions live and re-recorded it for the compilation 'Tinkers To Evers To Chance' It's not dated too well, but there are some great songs on here, just hinting at what lay just a little further down the road.

There's more Miller related goodness scheduled here at BPFE, so check back often and please SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! Here's a handy link to 125 Records where you can buy some latterday Millerstuff (including his fantastic book 'Music: What happened?')

See you later, hepcats

Painted Windows

PS Major thanks to everyone at Lost In Tyme for putting this up 'back in the day'


Another Wasted Afternoon
Sex War
The New You
Dark days
Occupation Unknown
Beach State Rocking
Painted Windows
Lets Not Wait


  1. I attempted to post something longer but my iffy home "network" appears to have eaten it.

    Let's just say: THANKS.

    Ace K.

    P.S. Plus a tip of the hat for mentioning that book that I had not known about before.

  2. 'Wow!' and 'THANKS' are thanks enough. I've got a few more Loud Family/Game Theory goodies to upload so please call again. The book is great fun - SM picks his favourite tunes and writes a neat paragraph on why he loves 'em. Well worth the cash...and if you get it from 125 Records, it's signed. (He has got the most easily forge-able signature of all time tho')

  3. No freaking way!
    Hopefully multiupload will come back online.