Thursday, 13 January 2011

Jon Auer

Do you, Dear Reader, find yourself pondering life's many unanswered questions? Does life speed up? Why is a carrot more orange than an orange? Does Paris Hilton prove Darwin was wrong? Well, the one that passes through my mind with alarming regularity is - 'Why aren't The Posies goddamn international ultramegastars?' It baffles me. What are they doing wrong? All their albums (yep, ALL their albums) are ace, they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen, the songwriting is breathtaking and all the band members are good to their dear ol' mums...well, they look like stand-up chaps in the photographs..

Helming the band (along with his workaholic musical partner Ken Stringfellow) is Jon Auer. One of the finest vocalists in the U.S. today. Nifty guitarist too. His first, full length solo album 'Songs From The Year Of Our Demise' was one of the best albums of the last decade, but practically anything he puts his name too (and there is a lot of stuff, believe me) is worth checking out.

This post serves two purposes (should that be purpoi?). The first is to point you in the direction of some hard to get Auer material and the second is to pay tribute to the mighty Not Lame label who produced and distributed a stellar array of Poppy goodness over the years. I was sad to hear that Bruce Brodeen has put the shutters up and is moving on to pastures new, in the shape of Project Save Rock and Roll, Rock and Roll Tribe and Pop Geek Heaven. I wish him every success. Like many of you, I've purchased a fair bit of stuff from NL including the aforementioned Auer CD and I was overjoyed to find that it came with a limited edition promo CD of rare material. This ain't just some barrel scrapin' throwaway kids...this is prime Posie. The version of 'Tuesday' on the freebee makes the other versions he's recorded wilt by comparison. And when you consider they were pretty damn good in the first place... Chuck in a couple of tasty cover versions and you've got an essential addition to your Posies HAVE got a Posies collection, haven't you...?

You download this on the condition that you buy a copy of 'Songs From The Year Of Our Demise'. Don't mess with karma!


23 Below
Bottom Of The Bottle
Six Feet Under
Pretty Picture
The Perfect Size
You Used To Drive Me Around
10-15 Saturday Night
Beautiful Stranger

(Ripped at 256)

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  1. Please re-up the Jon Auer Bonus Disc. Would love to hear it.